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In our long existence, we've been able to bring joy to lots of companies and major consumers with our beautiful hammocks and hanging chairs at attractive prices. On this page you'll find references and how you too can order your hammocks at a favorable price.

Discount for large volumes

If you want to order 5 or more hammocks or hanging chairs, we'll offer you attractive discounts.

To take advantage of these attractive discounts or to discuss your specific wishes, please contact us: 020 380 770 80 /

Although we have all items in stock, we may have to place additional orders to fulfil large orders. The delivery time is then ±1-2 week.

Our references

The Hammock has delivered hammocks to many businesses, including the following companies:

The Hammock delivered to Centerparcs
The Hammock delivered its products to Centerparcs for new bungalows in Zandvoort. The ideal combination: lying back and relaxing in an awesome park!
The Hammock delivered to Rabobank
The Hammock delivers complete sets to Rabobank Flevoland for promotional purposes for their personal mortgage advice.

The Hammock delivered to RICOH
The Hammock delivered hammocks to RICOH Belgium.

The Hammock delivered to Knauf
The Hammock also delivered its hammocks to Knauf Netherlands.

The Hammock delivered to Fontana Spa
Back to the source. At Fontana Bad Nieuweschans spa, you'll find facilities for pure relaxation and rejuvenation. {config path="general/store_information/name"}} also delivered hammocks to Fontana Spa for your relaxation.

The Hammock delivered to Van der Valk
Hotel Schiphol A4. This hotel ordered some exclusive hammock stands and hammocks from The Hammock to offer their guests an even more luxurious experience. Centrally located, a stone's throw from Schiphol and close to the center of Amsterdam. You will find luxury, comfort and warm hospitality in this Van der Valk hotel.

The Hammock delivered to Nieuwe Revu
The Hammock had a unique promotion with Nieuwe Revu in 2007.

The Hammock delivered to Universal Studios
The Hammock has also delivered to Universal Studios International in Amsterdam.

The Hammock delivered to Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise, in the town of Knokke in Belgium. You can indulge your passion for watersports and then relax afterwards in a hammock, naturally supplied by The Hammock.

The Hammock delivered to Belvedair
The Hammock supplied a selection of bright, trendy hammocks to Belvedair. Belvedair is suitable for any airport that can benefit from catering options.

The Hammock delivered to BAM Woningbouw
The Hammock has been supplying hammocks to BAM Woningbouw for several years.

The Hammock delivered to RTL
The Hammock supplied hammocks for various RTL (Dutch TV) programs such as Coffee Time and Dating in the Dark.

The Hammock delivered to Linda
The Hammock had a successful promotion with Linda magazine that made use of a unique hammock.

And many, many others....

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